Accountancy Service


The Accountancy Service has been developed within the project as an integral part of the EFPF Marketplace Framework and provides insight into users’ interactions with the EFPF Platform as well as its connected marketplaces. This is a valuable feature of a federated digital platforms and the Accountancy Service provides this to support the long-term sustainability of the EFPF platform beyond the span of the project. The Accountancy Service also aims to track and trace a user’s journey across the EFPF ecosystem and collect data about the transactions they make on different marketplaces. The collected data logs are then used to carry out a cashback mechanism which enables to charge the marketplace by a commission charge or a referral fee where an EFPF user carries out a business transaction.


In addition to the log collection, customizable dashboards are also needed for better and easier tracking of user interactions and currently, there 4 different dashboards, each focusing on different types of user interactions:

  • User Activities: Visualizes simple user actions such as login and register
  • Platform Engagement Dashboard: Displays base platform visits and tool/service usages and tracks the frequency of these usages
  • Marketplace Usage Dashboard: Visualizes marketplaces usages in terms of most frequently used search keywords, queried platforms, and their distribution
  • Payments Dashboard: Displays all payments realized on integrated marketplaces as well as the corresponding cashback (commission) amounts calculated for each transaction