Accountancy Service FAQ

What is the technological infrastructure of the Accountancy Service?

Accountancy Service is based on the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) that is a group of open source products from Elastic designed to help users take data from any type of source and in any format and search, analyze, and visualize that data in real time.

What is required to integrate the Accountancy Service to our marketplace?

For the integration, all there is needed to do is to send a POST request (with Content-Type header set to application/json) to Logstash endpoint (discovered using EFPF Service Registry) with a JSON body related with the action conforming to a basic data model described on the Integration Guide. This will be enough for the Accountancy Service to capture the data and process it.

How can I access the Accountancy Service dashboards?

The Accountancy Service dashboards are available on