Blockchain DAML Developer Guide

Developer Guide

Recommended DAML Architecture

Figure 1: Recommended DAML Architecture (from

Custom Distributed Ledger Applications (DLT) for the EFPF platform can be built and deployed using the DAML SDK. DAML Modes can be deployed to the EFPF distributed ledger or other DAML platforms. Please refer to the DAML Documentation for detailed and current information on DAML and the DAML SDK.

Download and install the DAML SDK. You will use Visual Studio Code as IDE.

A model can be built from scratch, or using example models and skeleton code in the DAML SDK. Modes developed in EFPF, available in EFPF Gitlab, can also be used as a starting point.

The application (DAML Model) can be built and tested in the local development environment using the DAML Sandbox.