Blockchain DApp for Wastes Tracking


The blockchain and smart contracting of EFPF is a service that utilizes both front-end and back-end components to support circular economy and supply chain scenarios in general that include two or more participating parties. Each of the participants hold their profile and can use role permissioning to change what the legitimate employees will be able to see and what actions are allowed. For example a manager can have a complete view of all the transactions on the system as well as add new users, drivers and vehicles, whereas a driver can only view the assigned to him/her transportations and information for these specific routes. Additionally, the sophisticated interface provides a user friendly digitized solution including all the steps and information for each step as well as reporting capabilities, all coming from the blockchain ledger which acts as a single point of truth.

User friendly front-end for

  • adding and managing authorized users per participating company/organization
  • adding and managing authorized drivers
  • adding and managing authorized vehicles
  • complete overview through a dashboard for transportation and processing contracts between participating companies
  • complete overview of asset/waste status
  • detailed information per asset containing its accompanying documents
  • complete history of interactions per asset/waste and intermediate statuses
  • filtering for retrieving specific only information
  • reports for information, proof of circularity and certification

Blockchain back-end with smart contracts support for immutable

  • digitally signing each transaction
  • logging of the interactions
  • protecting access to the system end-to-end

Accessing EFPF waste tracking application

  • Through the Dashboard

Registered users can access the EFPF waste tracking application or an account can be created. The user can access the app through the EFPF portal (figure 1)

EFPF dashboard

Figure 1: EFPF dashboard access to Blockchain DApp for Wastes Tracking

  • Through EFPF waste tracking application

The user can also access the EFPF waste tracking application directly from the link below (figure 2):

EFPF waste tracking application

Figure 2: EFPF waste tracking application


  • Transparency
  • Visibility
  • Traceability
  • Non-repudiation
  • Verifiability
  • Certification

Service Used

  • EFPF Data Spine
  • EFPF blockchain network
  • EFPF web/mobile dApps

Blockchain DApp for Wastes Tracking Documentation

Documentation for Developers

Documentation for Users