Blockchain DApp for Wastes Tracking FAQ

Can I use my EFPF account to send transactions to the ledger or should I request for permissions?

Yes, your EFPF account gives you access to the blockchain services

Should I download a client program to my device to interact with the blockchain solution?

No, the blockchain solution is provided as a service. All you need is to login to the EFPF portal

Can I access the transactions I have sent to the blockchain ledger?

You can access the records you inserted through the interface explorer

How can I verify that the records I inserted have not been altered?

The blockchain ledger is immutable, the records cannot be changed on it, the integrity of the records is guaranteed by the blockchain network’s participants

Can I have a reference to the record extracted so I can use it on my references?

Yes, you can get the unique ID number of each of the records you commit

What kind of records can I commit to the ledger?

You can insert any kind of records, as long as they have valid JSON structure