Data Spine Admin Guide

Deployment and Configuration

The sequence in which the components of Data Spine should be deployed and configured:

  1. EFS (Keycloak and Policy Enforcement Service)
  2. Integration Flow Engine (Apache NiFi)
  3. Message Bus (RabbitMQ)
  4. Service Registry (Linksmart Service Catalog)
  5. API Security Gateway (Apache APISIX)

Follow the documentation of individual components for deployment, configuration and maintenance

Data Spine Components’ Interaction

Data Spine Components' Interaction Figure 1: Data Spine Components' Interaction

Figure 1 illustrates the technological platforms, tools and services selected to realise different components of the Data Spine and the interactions between them. The figure also shows Service Provider providing service S1 through the Data Spine and Service Consumer’s service S2 consuming S1 through the Data Spine with the help of ‘Integration Flow 1’.

In this way, the Data Spine provides the necessary integration infrastructure to bridge the interoperability gaps between heterogeneous services and enables communication in the EFPF ecosystem.

Docker Images of Components

Conceptual Component Docker Repository URL
Integration Flow Engine Apache NiFi
Service Registry LinkSmart Service Catalog
Message Bus RabbitMQ
EFS Keycloak (Currently deployed: nimbleplatform/keycloak) & Policy Enforcement Service

Data Spine Documentation