EFPF Ecosystem Deployment Documentation

EFPF Ecosystem Deployment Diagram

EFPF Ecosystem Deployment

  • As illustrated in the deployment diagram, the central, core services called ‘Ecosystem Enablers’ are hosted centrally on the EFPF servers.
  • The rest of the tools, services and platforms are self-hosted by the respective providers on their servers, and they connect to the EFPF ecosystem through the Ecosystem Enablers.

Platform Deployment

Tool/Service Deployment

  • If you want to deploy and integrate one/more tools/services with the ecosystem that do not have an associated Identity Provider, then refer to the User Guide 101 for Tool/Service/Data Providers.
  • If you want to get an EFPF tool and deploy it in your factory, refer to the guide above.

Connection Details

Connection Details and Support Team page