Connection Details and Support Team

EFPF Support Team

  • Contact the EFPF Support Team at the following email id:
  • Include the following keywords in the email subject while reporting issues to enable faster processing: “sso”, “credentials”, “data spine”, “anomaly detection”, “gitlab”

Connection Details - Data Spine and EFPF Portal

  • Tikki URL for the EFPF Ecosystem Administrators: Tikki
  • Note: The Open Call Participants will only need to use the Production environment. The Development and the Testing environments will be used only by the EFPF Ecosystem Administrators. The connection details for the the Production environment will soon be made available on this page.

Production Environment

To be updated

Testing Environment

To be updated

Development Environment

Component Technology Endpoint Document
1. EFPF Portal Link
2. Data Spine ↓ Link
2.1 EFS Keycloak Link Link
2.2 Integration Flow Engine Apache NiFi Link Link
2.3 Message Bus RabbitMQ Link, * Link
2.4 Service Registry LinkSmart Service Catalog Link Link
2.5 API Security Gateway Apache APISIX Link Link

*Message Bus (RabbitMQ):

Component URL Port
Management GUI -