Symphony Visualization App


The Symphony Visualization App is the interface that stands between the operators and the process. This is the primary tool by which operators and line supervisors coordinate and control the industrial and manufacturing processes in the plant. Symphony Visualization App offers customizable, flexible and user-friendly user interface, getting information from the shop floor level. In an ordinary Symphony installation, it is supposed to get inputs from Symphony components, but in general it can be configured for receiving data from any factory connector, under certain conditions (i.e. the data format). The Visualization App gets data through a southbound RESTful interface, and relies on ontology and semantics used in the Symphony platform such as SAREF and SAREF4BLDG, plus some extensions to provide part of its functions. Therefore, the app will be able to provide views for any factory connector that exposes a compatible REST interface. At the time of writing of this document, this component has some dependencies with some of the Symphony components, thus it needs some development in order to be decoupled from the platform and become ready to be integrated in the EFPF ecosystem.

Symphony Visualization App Figure 1: Symphony Visualization App


Since the component is part of the Symphony Platform and it is not decoupled yet, the configuration is possible through Symphony Platform. User can configure the required information for getting the data from southbound REST interface. Furthermore, user can create graphical panels and HMI interfaces with ready to use objects library and bind them to the data coming from ICS.


Symphony Visualization App is a part of Symphony Platform and as mentioned before it still has dependencies to other Symphony components. After deploying the platform, the Visualization App is up and ready to use.


Symphony Visualization App is Nextworks’ commercial product and is not free. Nextworks will provide free research license and full support exclusively for duration of the experimentation up to the end of the EFPF project. After the license expiration if the users are still interested in using Symphony Visualization App, Nextworks is open for negotiation.


  1. Is Symphony Visualization App Free and Open-Source?
    no, it is enterprise product of Nextworks S.r.l and users need to acquire License.
  2. How Can I Install Symphony Visualization App?
    we kindly ask you to contact and share with us your requirement so we can provide you best options based your needs.
  3. After acquiring Symphony DVisualization App’s license, for how long it will be valid?
    It will be valid until end of the EFPF project plus four months.
  4. What are the deployment methods?
    It could be deployed on Dedicated Minicomputer such as Intel NUC, Bare Metal Deployment os Single VM for Specific Cases.
  5. Where is the repository/registry and how can I access it?
    Software is not publicly accessible and after acquiring the license, Nextworks will guide you on the best deployment method of the software based on your needs.