Matchmaking Service


The goal of matchmaking in EFPF is to facilitate EFPF users to find the best suited suppliers and enable them to transact with them efficiently and effectively. This is achieved through 4 layers of matchmaking in the platform;

  1. Federated search of participants (suppliers/service providers) & their value-units (products/services)
  2. Platform recommendations of suppliers/service providers & products/services
  3. Navigate users to perform negotiations and transactions with selected suppliers and service providers from different base platforms 
  4. Enable users to find the best supplier to fulfill a request for a service or product in a fully automated way (via automated agents)

A federated search in EFPF enables a search functionality over multiple sources using one query. Following are few screen shots of how a user can interact with the EFPF portal to perform federated search on connected companies/suppliers and products & services published in the platform.

img Figure 1 : Federated Search UI

Following are some of the filters/facets that the users can utilize to filter down the search results effectively.

img Figure 2 : Federated Search Filters

For a complete demonstration of how EFPF Catalog Service and Matchmaking Service work together to publish products/services and how they can be searched in the EFPF portal please see this video

The architecture for federated search is derived considering the existing base platforms’ architectures and features, available data sources and other technical requirements related to the design of a recommendation engine.

You can read about the Matchmaking Service architecture in the next section.