Online Bidding Process FAQ

What is needed for using the tool?

A user should be registered to EFPF portal, visit the tool landing page(by now is not available to 3rd parties, it will be on later stage for experimentation period), complete a registration form related to its company details(services/products) in order to automatically setup an agent and then he/she will be ready to use the tool’s interfaces for participating in online bidding processes for specific products/goods

Which technologies are used for requesters/suppliers’ matchmaking?

The matchmaking is based on the description of both companies and services/products with a common ontology. Then the matchmaking is enabled by rules and queries on this ontology.

Are all the services/products listed on EFPF ecosystem available for this automated bidding process?

No, currently it is offered for specific products and services related with Circular Economy scenario and Smart Waste Management domain for providing the corresponding automation on the negotiations between stakeholders related to this domain. However, it is possible to add further services/products from other domains by using the tool’s interfaces.