Product Catalog Service Developer Guide

Detailed architecture

Product Catalog Service consists of the following components:

  • Internal Components
    • Data Storage. Relational database to store catalog information
    • Catalog Management Controller REST API. APIs to manage catalogs (e.g. CRUD operations on catalog, defining white list/black list for catalogs etc.)
    • Product Category Management REST API. APIs to manage categories (e.g. retrieving root categories, retrieving available taxonomies etc.)
    • NIMBLE Frontend. Web Interface of NIMBLE base platform to access Product Catalog Service functionalities
  • External Components
    • NIMBLE Identity Service. NIMBLE base platform component used to identify users and make user validation
    • NIMBLE Indexing Service. NIMBLE base platform component to index catalogs to make them discoverable through the platform


Source Code

The source code can be found in the following link.