Product Catalog Service User Guide


The Product Catalog Service is accessible from Nimble base platform. It enables users to find suitable categories for the products, publish the catalogs and perform any operations related to the catalog through several user interfaces.

Accessing from the EFPF portal

Open a browser and go to the EFPF portal to access Product Catalog Service.


Click here to go to log-in page

From the EFPF portal interface, go to platforms tab from the left menu and navigate to Nimble base platform where Product Catalog Service resides in as shown in the following figure:


Within Nimble base platform, go to product/service publishing page by clicking on publish tab from the top menu. Before continuing with publishing, select at least one relevant category for your product.


After filling out the product publishing form, complete the publishing.


You can see your catalogs and manage them (e.g., editing the existing products, publishing new ones, adding images etc.) in the catalog management tab.



The Product Catalog Service functionalities are also available through Swagger.