Product Catalog Service User Guide


The Product Catalog Service is accessible from Nimble base platform. It enables users to find suitable categories for the products, publish the catalogs and perform any operations related to the catalog through several user interfaces.

Accessing from the EFPF portal

Open a browser and go to the EFPF portal to access Product Catalog Service.


Click here to go to log-in page

From the EFPF portal interface, go to platforms tab from the left menu and navigate to Nimble base platform where Product Catalog Service resides in as shown in the following figure:


If you already have an account on Nimble base platform, Keycloak asks you to link your Nimble account with EFPF account:


You can click on ‘Add to existing account’ button to link the accounts. Then, you receive an email with a confirmation link. Upon confirming it, you will be navigated to Nimble.

If you do not have an account on Nimble base platform, you will be navigated to the registration page of Nimble where you can register your company. When a platform manager approves your registration, you are allowed to use the functionalities of Nimble.

Within Nimble base platform, go to product/service publishing page by clicking on publish tab from the top menu. Before continuing with publishing, select at least one relevant category for your product.


After filling out the product publishing form, complete the publishing.


You can see your catalogs and manage them (e.g., editing the existing products, publishing new ones, adding images etc.) in the catalog management tab.


Create dedicated catalogs for your partners

Product Catalog Service allows you to create dedicated catalogs for your partners. Firstly, you need to create a catalog. img

You can give any name you like for the new catalog. img

Then, you need to populate this catalog with products/services. You can specify its catalog during the publishing step. img

Once the catalog is ready, you can create a whitelist/blacklist for the selected catalog from right menu. img

It provides you a panel where you can see whitelisted and blacklisted companies for the catalog.


Blacklisted companies can not access the products/services of catalog while whitelisted companies can access. If a whitelist is present for the catalog, then only whitelisted companies can access them.

You can add companies to lists by clicking on “Add Company” button. It presents you a page where you can search for the companies.


Then, you can save the lists.


In this example, only users from AIDIMME can access the products/services in this catalog. The other users can not access them. They can not see those products/services in the search results as shown in the following figure.


Create catalog-specific contracts

During the negotiation process, companies need to agree on terms and conditions for the product/service. Product Catalog Service enables companies to define catalog-specific contracts / terms and conditions for their partners so that they can agree on the terms quickly.

For the selected catalog, you can choose “Generate Contract for Catalogue” option.


It redirects you to a contract template where several predefined clauses are already provided.


You can select some predefined clauses to create your template quickly. You can keep them as they are or you can update them.


You are also free to define your own clauses. It is possible to extend them with trading term variables. You can provide default values for them and these variables can be agreed in negotiation process.


You can save the terms and conditions for your catalog.


This contract will be used in negotiation process for the products/services in this catalog.



The Product Catalog Service functionalities are also available through Swagger.


The demo of Product Catalog Service can be found in

It demonstrates how you can make use of Product Catalog Service to create your catalog of products / services and exploit its benefits explained in the Overview Section.

The demo includes the following steps:

  • Log in to EFPF portal
  • Access Nimble via Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Publish a product (Benefit 1: Increase the discoverability of companies by allowing them to publish their products/services to EFPF platform and offer them to customers)
    • Select categories from different taxonomies such as Aerospace taxonomy (a domain specific taxonomy) and eClass taxonomy (a general taxonomy) (Benefit 2: Improve product/service publishing by providing general or domain-specific taxonomies)
    • Fill out product details such as id, name, and additional properties
  • Access catalog management tab
    • Generate catalog specific contracts (Benefit 4: Ease the process of contract generation by enabling companies to define catalogue-specific contracts with a contract template)
      • Make use of existing clauses or create yours. They are automatically used in the negotiation processes.
    • Add whitelist/blacklist to catalogue (Benefit 3: Improve the B2B collaborations by allowing companies to create catalogues dedicated to their partners)
      • Blacklisted companies cannot access the products/services of catalog whereas only whitelisted companies can access them. Therefore, you can make use of this functionality to create catalogs dedicated to your partners.
    • Offer catalogues / products to your customers (Benefit 1: Increase the discoverability of companies by allowing them to publish their products/services to EFPF platform and offer them to customers)