Pub Sub Security Service Admin Guide

Repository : –branch resource_management

#Pub Sub Security Service Administration Guide

Code updates

The Pub Sub Security Service is an Angular web application implemented in the scope of the Pub Sub Security Service. Therefore, the entire service can be downloaded locally by using Git:

Clone Pub Sub Security Service from EFPF GitLab

git clone --branch resource_management

In order to make changes the angular devkit can be requested to be installed:

Install Angular Development Kit

npm install --save-dev @angular-devkit/build-angular

It is recommended to install the Angular CLI tool to enable the execution of Angular commands in the console:

Install Angular CLI

npm install -g @angular/cli

The Pub Sub Security Service makes use of the Google Maps API, so the AGM module needs to be installed together with the core annotations:

npm install --save @agm/core@1.0.0
npm install --save @types/googlemaps

Once changes have been done in the code, the local instance can be ran through the serve command:

Run local development instance

ng serve --open

The code can be updated in GitLab through the corresponding Git commands, indicating the particular branch of the Resource Management Tool:

Update code to EFPF GitLab

git add .
git commit -m "commit 2210520"
git push -u origin resource_management

Deployment of the tool

The tool can be built together with the whole Pub Sub Security Service through the compiling command:

Build application

ng build

The /dist folder will contain the required Javascript and auxiliary files that can be placed in any web server to publish the application. For particular details about the deployment of the application in the EFPF context please refer to general guidelines on EFPF deployment.


It should be noted that the Pub Sub Security Service includes a file ‘globals.ts’ that includes the values of some global properties used by the tool. The are mainly related to server endpoints URLs and additional general purpose properties. Please consider the update of any value if needed due to changes in the deployment.