ROAM Deployment Guide

Deployment using docker-compose

Configuration files are available to deploy using docker-compose. Users can deploy quickly using containers available on Gitlab, or can build and deploy their own containers from source code.

Deployment from available containers

Containers for the frontend and backend are available in the ROAM Gitlab project. To use them:

  1. Download this docker-compose file (requires login to gitlab)

  2. Login to the docker repository:

    docker login

  3. Deploy (optionally use -d option to run in background):

    docker-compose -f docker-compose-gitlab.yml up

Deployment from source code

  1. Clone the Gitlab repository:

    git clone

  2. Change directory into the repository:

    cd roam

  3. Deploy (requires environment file in the “encrypted” directory):

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml --env-file encrypted/.env up