SDK Developers Engagement Hub


The EFPF Developers Engagement Hub is a web-based portal which aims to motivate the developers and surrounding community around the development of applications using the EFPF SDK and its suite of tools.

This portal features not only the source code hosting and its version control, but also includes lots of features for collaboration with the community of developers such as wikis, forums, issue trackers, blogs and other mechanisms for, as the name implies, the engagement of the developers and their integration with the manufacturing community.

This promotes the analysis and reuse of the open sourced code, the detection of bugs and new features and contributions by this community, fostering the transparent and healthy development of applications and feedback from peers, suppliers and customers.

The portal also features the possibility of the inclusion of multiple documentation and multimedia elements such as tutorials, videos, and other media elements. Additionally, it includes a chat functionality to increase even more the close relationship between the community and the application developers.


  • The ability to connect the development of an application using the SDK Studio to an engagement project
  • This project includes the hosting of the open source code for reuse and maintenance
  • It also permits the inclusion of documentation, tutorials, videos and other media
  • The portal includes multiple collaboration mechanisms such as issue-trackers, forums, blogs, wikis, messaging
  • The portal can be invoked directly from the EFPF SDK Studio

Service Used

  • EFPF Studio