Frontend Editor


The EFPF SDK Frontend Editor is designed to support the development of custom applications initiated with the EFPF Software Development Kit (SDK) based on the services provided by the EFPF platform. The Frontend main functionality is to provide developers with a graphical user interface (GUI) editor for prototyping, integrate and customize applications built with the SDK. Developers can combine all microservices based on implementations of the SDK integrated functionalities.

The Frontend can be accessed by the SDK Studio interface using a plain browser. The solution is based on predefined templates that stand for themselves (e.g. customized GUI elements) and can bind data sources from EFPF that are orchestrated by Application Development Studio. Application developers have a high degree of flexibility and power by combining the predefined templates and visual elements that can be used inline or nested. This approach results in a multitude of possible applications designs.

The Frontend UI offers additional guidance and allows developers to speed up the process of rapid prototyping. Any design strategy is supported, and a brought range of applications can result from mixing single-page, multi-page, and progressive web application designs. The workflows are highly configurable translating business process models of the use-case scenarios into functional maintainable applications.


  • Create customized applications, user interfaces, webforms and analytic visualizations
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy customization
  • High degree of flexibility: predefined templates and visual elements that can be used inline or nested
  • No development knowledge needed
  • Requires zero-config code

Service Used

  • EFPF SDK Studio
  • EFPF Security Portal