Visual and Data Analytics Tool


A web based data and visual analytics tool aims to address real world needs and to provide analytics methodologies for both production and supply chain domains. In particular, the tool provide the following main functionalities:

  • An analytics and monitoring dashboard for machine’s vibration profile behaviour. All the abnormal vibrations during the production process are detected an visualized by the tool
  • An analytics and monitoring dashboard for bins’ fill level. The tool provide real time monitoring of actual fill level and trend analysis results. The trend estimation enables the optimization of planning activities of waste management companies can give higher priority to companies/clients with the most aggressive trend in their bins.
  • An analytic solution for tonnage forecasting. The tool provides to the end-user different methodologies to get predictions/estimations related to future quantity of a raw material based on historical data. By using this tool, the purchasing manager of a company can optimize the planning for ordering this material or reserve resources to handle this material.
  • An administration form where the user can add information about new orders in order to add them to the rest historical data available for materials, tonnages, prices and customers.
  • Real-time integration with a Deep Learning Toolkit (please see corresponding documentation) that provides price forecasting for different type of materials in order to further support and optimize the planning activities for end user (e.g. purchasing managers).
  • Different type of visualizations based on different type of analytics and data in order to provide the output results to the view that better fits with the user’s preferences.

Main Interactions within the EFPF platform

The Visual Analytics tool interacts with the following external components:

  • EFPF Portal: the portal provides the secure entry point to the tool’s interface
  • EFPF Security Framework in order to use role management capabilities for providing different views to different users
  • Factory connectors provided by NXW in order to access sensors data from factoreies’ premises (in alternative to this, the tool support IDS connectivity based on IDS Trusted Connector)
  • Deep Learning Toolkit from LINKS for providing a visual interface to this tool and give an integrated solutions to the end-users that are related to planning activities

Visual and Data Analytics Tool Documentation

Documentation for Developers

Documentation for Users