Visual and Data Analytics Tool Developer Guide

Design and architecture

The visual analytic tool has been implemented as a complete web-based tool. It is developed by using AngularJS framework, which takes care of content management features of the application. MongoDB is used for the tool’s storing requirements. The graphical representations are enabled by the use of the Chart.js and D3.js visualization libraries. These libraries are ideal for producing dynamic and interactive data visualizations in web browsers. To this direction, the libraries allow control over the final visual results by using the widely implemented SVG, HTML5 and CSS standard. In order to be able to connect databases and IoT devices to the analytics platform both MQTT and HTTP communication protocols are supported. Furthermore, authentication and the authorization services are supported by the platform for the secure data exchange. All the analytic methodologies has been implemented using Python language and corresponding libraries.

There are no specific configuration that should be done by users. As soon as, an authorized user is logged in based on his role coming from the corresponding Keycloak account, he is able to view a custom dashboard that has been configured for him. Then the user should just select a data source in order to deploy data and to select a corresponding analytic method.


Component Technology
UI and Visualizations AngularJS, Chart.js, D3.js
Data Storage MongoDB
Data Analytics Python
Connectivity MQTT/HTTP protocols