WASP 2 Changes

What’s new in version 2.0 of WASP

Task Portlet

· Fixed bug with the tasks sometimes not displaying


· Added EFPF marketplace services from service registry

Control Panel

· Updated CSS


· Editor has been replaced with the process designer

Process Designer

· Ability to create BPMN processes

​ · Similar to editor previously did using Camunda as the engine.

· Ability to create code generation

​ · Generates code which could be executed externally.

​ · No user tasks allowed in this mode.

· Initial choice between the two modes affects the UI and functionality.

· Added services from the marketplace has a new UI.

· Additional fields for user tasks.



· Added a Jax-rs REST module which makes all of the calls to Camunda and all of the other modules use this module to make calls to Camunda.

· Allows for consistent calls to Camunda and security by needing a token to make calls to the REST API or calling it internally.

· Added calls to retrieve the marketplace services without needing a token for the public services.