How do I add my own service into a process?

You can add your service via the marketplace portlet. You can decide whether to mark the service as private where only you can see it or public for anyone to use.

Can I develop my bpmn file using 3rd party software or even notepad?

Yes, it is possible to open a bpmn file from other places rather than just the process designer as long as the process is valid bpmn2.

Could another user impersonate me to see my private services?

No, we use encryption to hide your user identification so that nobody else could impersonate you.

Can I allow another user to manage my processes/tasks?

Yes, you can assign user tasks to multiple users at design time. You can also re-assign users to tasks at run time by managing the process instance, clicking on the task then clicking Actions and Update Assignee

I want to create a process with a user task whom the user is not me or from another company, how can I do this?

It’s possible to do this by request currently. We could assign you both to the same organization inside of our system which would allow you both to assign user tasks to each other.

How does the code generation work?

Instead of producing a BPMN file which is run via the Camunda engine, code is generated which is executable by yourself externally with any NodeJS express application.

Can my platform connect our user systems together?

If you have a platform that is using Keycloak as the user management system, then we can connect the two system as openId connect providers.